Voltron and Self-Sacrifice

   This year, Voltron: Legendary Defender released a second season with much fanfare. The general consensus, I’ve seen, is that it seems to be neither overwhelmingly good nor bad. It’s a fun time with several quirks. Yet as I watched, I started to notice a disturbing trend that manifested itself most clearly in this show: … Continue reading Voltron and Self-Sacrifice


Review- Burning (Danielle Rollins) (Spoilers)

   Burning by Danielle Rollins is about Angela Davis, a teen who’s been in Brunesfield Correctional Facility (juvenile hall) for two years of her young life. To summarize Brunesfield, “The wolves out there aren’t any worse than the wolves in here.” Angela is a few months away from being released when a new inmate, a … Continue reading Review- Burning (Danielle Rollins) (Spoilers)