Review- Burning (Danielle Rollins) (Spoilers)

   Burning by Danielle Rollins is about Angela Davis, a teen who’s been in Brunesfield Correctional Facility (juvenile hall) for two years of her young life. To summarize Brunesfield, “The wolves out there aren’t any worse than the wolves in here.” Angela is a few months away from being released when a new inmate, a … Continue reading Review- Burning (Danielle Rollins) (Spoilers)


The Blue Hair Trend

How do you write a “strong” female character? Does she need to be the opposite of “girly,” the radical, bra-burning feminist stereotype (who is obviously still conventionally pretty, as to not frighten viewers)? Do you need to show her shunning the help of men (and failing, so another lead can take over)? The general answer here … Continue reading The Blue Hair Trend